Saturday, March 26, 2011

strippers who play dirty mind games pleazuregamer

hey every body on twitter how you doing, for  last seven years i have been a stripper , in tacoma wa and spokane and portland strip club, my real name is mareka singleton, but i have a facebook with the name taylor davis, sometimes i use the name summer davis,
i do solicit clients on criaglist
i have 25 counst of prostitituion, in the tacoma washington courts at this time, dont worry i get away with almost everything my uncle gray is a police officer and he works as a officer of the law in washington, and also i have had many sexual relationships with a tacoma cop, manys times , i was so high on thizz pills ,
it didnt matter, i have this strange sexual fetish where i let guys urinate in my mouth and have bowel movements and other sexual weird fetishes with chains, my guardian bb or beaty searcy has these connections with people who work for the state so she keep s me out of jail,
 i mostly play mind games to people to feel sorry for me , but it only to destroy there family and home and steal from them or create a lie ,i have a reputation for that in tacoma washington, making people feel sorry for me, to get inside there homes when its all a mind games,
when i live in people homes i steal there personal information or moneys , because i have to support my pimps , i have seven pimps my real pimp casion or ryan patrick wise he has no money so i do need to support him, by the way i get away with almost everything , so nothing will be done about this it never is, i laugh at cops and i hurt alot of people mostly families i hate churches and i dont beleive in god, i pretend when it comes to churches, so i do alot of lying
i care about nothing anyone,but myself, i dont really care about kids , i have one son isiaha singleton he is three and my mother lafrances singleton dates my grandfather so i am my grandfathers child from incest
 the rest i had abortion or i kill, so no kids, i hate kids i hate women who have them i try to destroy there lives i have a reputation in tacoma for that , i laugh all the time about it,
so if you have a sick twisted sexual fetish i am your girl , i use to live around adult offenders it was fun , because there is alot of adult offenders in lakewood washington right next to a park where children play i think thats so cool, and you know what the cops know it,  they see the children playing , playing games is a part of prostitution where you play sick mind games with people especialky those whohave families,